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In less than a few months, she was able to curb some of his undesirable traits. That's why Cosmo uncovered time-tested methods used by the most successful animal trainers on the planet.

Then we got top psychologists to show you how to apply those techniques to your guy.

"That's why they generally respond well to a calming voice and touch from trainers," says Patricia Barlow-Irick, Ph D, equine-behavior specialist in New Mexico.

Apply It to Your Guy Like horses, men seem to be hardwired to want to bolt at the first sound of irritation.

Luckily, if you indulge their silly side, you have a good shot at getting them to pay attention.

"When we need the chimps to perform a task, we get on their level and play with them for 5 or 10 minutes," says Eugene Cussons, rescue director on Animal Planet's Escape to Chimp Eden.

Since dogs crave affection, they slowly begin to avoid bad habits and opt for good ones.

Too bad they often pick the worst times to bring out that brat — like when you're running late for work or need them to do something around the house.

To get what you need done, "indulge him with a few minutes of acting goofy," says Anthony Riche, Ph D, author of Finally! Then tell him you'll finish playing with him later, as long as he takes out the trash or does whatever else you need him to do.

BOYFRIEND BUMMER 2: He Lacks Social Graces Reward the Good, Ignore the Bad As Used on Dogs Pretraining, a pup will sniff crotches and paw at people's legs.

The instinct is to shoo it away, but that only makes it want to sniff and paw more.

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Apply It to Your Guy Even the most liberated guy can feel emasculated by a fearless chick.

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