Mormon views dating non mormons

After my fourth son received his mission call (Canada Montreal, Mandarin speaking!) our friends and neighbors celebrated with us and shared all the usual tidbits of information about the mission and people they knew in the area, etc.

Perhaps we can create a syllabus for ‘Polite Conversation 101.’ I’ll share my meager knowledge and you can add yours in the comments. Most of these comments simply translate into, “I’m aware of you and I’m interested in your life.” Our ward members simply want to connect and often don’t know how.

Ha, I bet you’ll go somewhere boring like Wyoming/Nevada/Idaho.” I stood next to him during these conversations enough times to know people just thought they were being clever and funny; they certainly didn’t mean any offense.

But my son has just enough insecurities about keeping up with his four over-achieving older brothers that he felt a bit wounded.

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For suggestions on resigning your church membership click Mormon No , September 2011 My handle explains why.

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