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According to the release notes of 11.7 the only new feature in the Windows variant is "Sandboxing enhancements". Here is what I found out so far: Adobe Air is installed on many machines without either their users, nor the admins knowing.There is only one difference in the contents between administration guides for versions 10.5 and 10.6: An updated screenshot on page 40, replacing 'Macromedia' with 'Adobe'. If comes for example as part of Creative Suite, some versions of Acrobat, and some software from other companies as well.You may want to add some more options to the file mms.cfg, for example the blog We Live Security recommends to add these options for privacy reasons: This is from part two of a series of posts about Flash, the other parts are: 1, 3, 4, 5.Usually one should not deploy software without first testing it on one machine.They will send you an email with a reminder before the registraion expires.To register, go to the normal download page, look in the right column under 'Resources', and click on 'Distribute Flash Player'.-files, but they don't allow to publish the address of that page, or the download links to the files, or the files.

The registration is valid for one year, then you must register again.

Trying to downgrade flash player for Active X to an older version triggers Windows Installer Error 1722 and the file Flash says that it got error "0001 [E] 00001013" when trying to execute "Install -install -msi".

The reason is that the uninstaller purposefully leaves a registry entry behind, that prevents later installation of an earlier version.

I always replace the '11' inside that string with the full version number, taken from property Product Version.

Reason for this change: the GPO Editor of Windows Server uses the value of this property as default for the name for the software package.

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