Updating classic american capes option backdating why the fuss and how to avoid it

He uses a variety of unique techniques in conjunction with his sword.Wild Card, Weapon-smith: Lock has abilities similar to that of a Wild Card in that he can turn the bonds he has with others into power.World Magnetism: The trait that results in different worlds that would normally never meet being dragged together.While sometimes it is the result of Outsiders bringing together worlds that exist simultaneously and never or rarely interact, more commonly, the Outsider draws together different timelines and twists them together, subtly shifting events so it seems that they have always existed side by side and never met.They also tend to glow and their hair transforms into a gasius state resembling a nebula.Sensory Powers: Outsiders are far more attuned to the Spirit World than most Souls, largely because they have passed through it on the way to being reborn.

There presence acts as a magnet and draws other 'worlds' together.

As a brit, something thats always annoyed me is when people use American school system terms for a story set in Britain when I'm pretty sure there completely different. He can also utilize that power without summoning his Persona, even in the real world.

While I cant exactly blaim the authors for not knowing since I dont know how the American school system works, it still annoys me. Powerful Biotics: Lock is the most powerful Biotic recorded, allowing him to utilise his powers at the same level as an Asari Commando without needing an Amp.

Canon Cap: A subconscious limiter put in place by Dis upon the Outsiders birth.

It basically prevents the Outsider from (knowingly) completely obliterating the timeline right from the start and allows a small amount of control.

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